Membership of the National Wheelchair Managers Forum

The National Wheelchair Managers Forum seeks to promote best practice within NHS provided wheelchair services.  To facilitate this the NWMF offers 2 types of membership: Partners and Forum.

Partners Membership

Partners or companies that work with the forum: We would encourage all those working for an NHS provided wheelchair service to register as a partner member.  Partnership membership is free of charge.  It will give access to that are not in the public domain, including information on an NHS provided wheelchair service   Your information is kept on record but will not be shared with a Third Party.

Partner Registration

Forum Membership

This type of membership is for NHS provided wheelchair Service Managers or their nominated Clinical Lead.   The NWMF would welcome representation and engagement from every NHS provided wheelchair service. 

By becoming a forum member, you will ensure the effective distribution and flow of information to/from the National Wheelchair Managers Forum. You will have the added benefit of being part of message board or email discussions, where you can post a question, share experiences and get the help and support for everyday problems that we all need to overcome. You do not have to deal with a problem alone.

Members can also contribute their ideas and thoughts to working documents and stay engaged with the current conversations to help improve Wheelchair Services now and in the future.  Members are invited to take part in quarterly NWMF meetings (on Microsoft TEAMS) and an annual networking meeting (Covid permitting).

Membership will give you access to specific documents and guidance that have been produced by the forum to help and assist new and established wheelchair services such as competency profiles, benchmarking material and minutes of meetings.


  • The member should actively represent one service; we are unable to offer membership to regional groups or national third-party leads.
  • The cost per annum is £50.00 and runs from 1st April to 31st March.
  • Payments can be made by personal bank transfer, cheque or via NHS trust or organisation BACS.
  • Membership fees are primarily used to fund the website, resources and facilitate the NWMF meetings.
  • Members must complete to the declaration of interest as part of their application because they can access documents that are not for a wider circulation.
  • Your information is kept on record but will not be shared with a Third Party.

Forum membership process:

Please complete the application below and the declaration of interest. 

You will need to provide your contact details, information about your wheelchair service and billing/ finance details.  It would be helpful to have this to hand before beginning to complete the form. 

Your application will be forwarded to the NWMF treasurer. If appropriate an invoice will be issued for the annual subscription.  Once payment has been received a receipt will be sent to you. You will be added to the mailing list given and given access to the members area of the website. 

While waiting for your forum membership to become active, you will be automatically registered as a partner so you have access to those resources.

Forum Registration

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Forum Registration
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Declaration of Interests/Conflicts


In order for the National Wheelchair Managers Forum to be able to continue to function in facilitating open and confidential discussions/debates/information sharing/benchmarking and development of guidelines members are being asked to complete the following: