The National Wheelchair Managers Forum hold three full meetings per year at different venues around the country. Working groups meet more regularly. Minutes of the full meetings are available under the Members Section.

In addition, we have produced an index of NHS Wheelchair Services around the country, which we hope will make it easier for anyone to make contact with a local NHS wheelchair service.

The publications page gives access to the Operating Model for NHS Wheelchair Services that is recommended by the Managers Forum.

The Forum Committee

Krys Jarvis

Forum Chair

Lara Littler

Vice Chair

Alex Winterbone


Yvonne Barron

Membership Secretary

Sarah Sherwood


Work of the Forum

The Forum is a representative body for NHS Commissioned Wheelchair Services at a national level. It provides the focus for discussion and exchange of ideas on topics relevant to Wheelchair Service at a local and national level. It encourages the sharing of best practice, information sharing and acts as a focal point for the collection and dissemination of information from other organisations.

The Forum has had a key role in setting national minimum wheelchair service standards and the development and improvement of pathways and practices to maximise the outcome for service users.

Structure of the Forum

The forum is open to a representative from any NHS commissioned wheelchair service. Representatives may also attend in a regional capacity and feedback to other local Wheelchair Managers. The forum provides networking opportunities, mentorship and is a great way to share good practices and gain new ideas for service development.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Forum are:

  • To provide a representative body for Wheelchair Services at National Level.
  • To act as a communication channel for Wheelchair Services at Local, Regional and National Levels.
  • To initiate and develop quality standards and practice within the Wheelchair Service.
  • To continue to promote and support audit within the Wheelchair Service.
  • To act as a co-ordinating body for the collection and dissemination of information from:
  1. Medicines Healthcare products
  2. Regulatory Agency
  3. NHS Purchasing and Supplies Agency
  4. RESMag
  5. BSI Standards Committee