The National Wheelchair Managers Forum hold three full meetings per year at different venues around the country. Working groups meet more regularly. Minutes of the full meetings are available on the minutes page of this site.

In addition, we have produced an index of NHS Wheelchair Services around the country, which we hope will make it easier for anyone to make contact with a local NHS wheelchair service.

The publications page gives access to minimum service standards and service specifications that are recommended by the Managers Forum.

The Forum Committee

Krys Jarvis

Forum Chair

Lara Littler

Vice Chair

Alex Winterbone


Yvonne Barron

Membership Secretary

Sarah Sherwood


Work of the Forum

The Forum provides the focus for discussion and exchange of ideas on topics relevant both at local and national level. A Forum web site was set up in 2002

The Forum has always been concerned with setting of wheelchair service standards, their development and improvement to maximise the outcome for service users. In 1993 a working party produced a booklet “National Guidelines for Wheelchair Services”.

Work has continued on developing standards and in 2004 the Forum together with other interested parties including Empower, Posture and Mobility Group, the National Forum of Wheelchair Users Groups and

NHS PASA produced a document “Minimum Standards for Wheelchair Services”.

Structure of the Forum

Each Strategic Health Authority (2002) can be represented by two members. An alternative guest representative may be nominated. Other wheelchair managers or their representatives are welcomed to attend meetings as observers Members feedback to their local Wheelchair Managers and circulate Forum minutes to all Wheelchair Managers in their region. (Forum minutes are also available on the website) They also raise regional concerns at the National Forum.

History of the Forum

In April 1991 responsibility for wheelchair provision was devolved to local health authority level. During 1991 the development of the Forum began. A meeting of wheelchair service managers was arranged and the first Forum met in November 1991 in London. The first formal meeting of the Forum was in February 1992. A draft constitution was written and later ratified. The first committee was established.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Forum are:

  • To provide a representative body for Wheelchair Services at National Level.
  • To act as a communication channel for Wheelchair Services at Local, Regional and National Levels.
  • To initiate and develop quality standards and practice within the Wheelchair Service.
  • To continue to promote and support audit within the Wheelchair Service.
  • To act as a co-ordinating body for the collection and dissemination of information from:
  1. Medicines Healthcare products
  2. Regulatory Agency
  3. NHS Purchasing and Supplies Agency
  4. RESMag
  5. BSI Standards Committee